Let us tell you a little bit about what our company does.  We are a group of average Joes that have decided that we were tired of seeing so many work boots out there with less than adequate reviews for consumers such as you to determine what to purchase.  So…we went far beyond others and narrowed the products we review to only the best available on the market.

The reason bootratings.com is different from other sites is because we aren’t trying to promote certain brands and styles, we want to emphasize the characteristics offered, whether they are good or bad.  In addition, our job is to take great brands and thoroughly investigate what makes them so great and to see if they stand up to what they are claiming.  We don’t even bother with brands that haven’t already established a good reputation as we want you to familiarize yourselves with the best available.

Not only do we provide honest work boot reviews, we also incorporate valuable information and how to’s to educate you on various topics.  Furthermore, we don’t just review work boots, we have extended our website to review military boots, hunting boots, fishing boots, etc.  There is always something new to see, and we hope that we can help you with all of your needs.  After all, these are your feet we are talking about, it’s important to treat them as well as they treat you!