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Shopping for shoes used to be easy when you only had the choice of local shoe stores.

Now that the selection is spread out across shoe stores, department stores, and endless stores on the internet, there are more choices than ever when it comes to which boots to buy and where to find them.

Although it is still important to try shoes on to be sure you get a good fit,  there is no need to go to stores anymore to try them on.

In fact, if you care about finding the BEST boots and don’t want to waste time driving around to find them, we’d argue that buying boots online is the best option!

By shopping online, you get the benefit of seeing valuable reviews that other people have left about their boots and get to read info like you find here on BootRatings.com.  We do the work of reading the reviews across multiple sites and trying out boots so that you start with the best of the best recommendations.

Even if you find a boot you like that gets great reviews, you still can’t try it on over the web.  Fortunately, most of the big online boot retailers now offer free returns, and Amazon (the biggest online store) makes it easy and offers “try before you buy” on shoes and boots for Amazon Prime members.

Our selection of reviews is constantly growing and you we always find something new here.

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