7 Best Hunting Boots (Reviewing Warmest Work Boots 2018)

Camouflage apparel isn’t the only thing you’ll need for hunting.  The great pair boots are a necessity; whether you’re in the swamplands targeting fowl, or traipsing up and down rugged terrain searching for that 40” mainframe buck, you’ll want your feet protected at all times. After all, they are what keep you going. We’ve made it easy for you and provided information and features of the 7 best hunting boots in the market today.

  • 4.7 Customer Rating
  • Lowa Men's Tibet GTX Trekking Boot
  • PRICE $$$$
  • MADE OF : 100% Nubuck
  • RESISTANT : Seamless, waterproof Gore-Tex lining
  • SOLE : Vibram sole
  • COLOR : Sepia/Black
  • 4.6 Customer Rating
  • LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly PRO 18 Realtree XTR Hunting Boot
  • PRICE $$
  • MADE OF : Rubber
  • SOLE : Rubber sole
  • COLOR : Brown/Green, Green
  • 4.8 Customer Rating
  • MuckBoots Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot
  • PRICE $$$
  • MADE OF : Synthetic and fabric
  • RESISTANT : Waterproof shaft and upper with stretch-fit topline
  • SOLE : Manmade sole
  • COLOR : Bark
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Kamik Men's Hunter Boot
  • PRICE $
  • MADE OF : Synthetic
  • RESISTANT : 100 percent waterproof
  • SOLE : Synthetic sole
  • COLOR : Black, Khaki/Black Sole, Camo, Khaki

Warmest Hunting Boots (The Updated Top List)

  1. Lowa Men’s Tibet GTX Trekking Boot 

    This particular 100 % Nubuck hiking boots are built sturdy and comfortable with an anatomically contoured tongue and Vibram sole that allows you to carry a heavy load of 50 lbs. or more, this in turn, is a nice benefit when hauling pack loads of equipment into the wilderness.  They are constructed with seamless, Gortex lining to keep your feet cushioned and dry, while the perforated interior lining keeps them moisture free and cool during those long, hard treks.  In addition, the Flexfit design provides natural ankle flex and heel fit for easy movement.  The Lowa Men’s Tibet GTX Trekking boot is ideal for hiking and mountaineering or packing in your hunting gear for the long weekend.  When Mother Nature throws a curve ball, it’s important to be prepared for the elements and assured that your feet will take you where you need them to with ease.

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  2. LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly PRO 18 Realtree XTR Hunting Boot

    Listed as one of the best waterproof boots out there in the market today, these boots are meant for trekking through water and mud with ease.  The unscented rubber exterior and rubber soles with added superior traction and flexibility, allow you to keep on going to locate your game when others have stopped in their tracks because of the wet terrain.  The 16” inch shaft is adorned with the green Realtree camouflage pattern proving you the ability to blend into your terrain while you stalk your prey.  An embossed neoprene liner insulates your feet and legs, regulating the temperature during weather fluctuations, plus, allow them to breathe comfortably.  Furthermore, an adjustable neoprene gusset supports a calf size of up to 18” and the narrowed toe pocket grips the top of your feet and locks your ankle into place to prevent rubbing.  An EVA midsole provides extra comfort and shock absorption, so the boots feel the pain and not you during those long days outdoors. These boots were constructed with waterfowl hunting in mind, where staying out of the elements isn’t an option.

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  3. MuckBoots Men’s Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

    The Arctic Pro Hunting boot is one of the warmest hunting boots available with their extra thick 8mm CR flex foam bootie and a 2mm thermal foam underlay in the instep area.  Not only are these boots cozy warm in extremely cold temperatures but they are 100% waterproof as well.  Perfect for hunting outdoors in the elements and maintaining that desired comfort level while doing so.  The 4-way stretched nylon wrapped shaft makes slipping the boot on and off easily. Plus the stretch-fit binding keeps the warmth in and the cold out.  A multi-reinforced durable, tough rubber shell combined with a high-abrasion man-made outsole provides great traction on slippery surfaces.  In addition, the boots feature a contoured footbed and an EVA midsole comfort cushion to absorb shock so your feet don’t have to.  The liner is breathable and circulates air properly while reflecting moisture.  As cold weather hunting boots go, they are able to withstand temperatures in the range of -60° to 40° F.  Be informed, these boots do not come in half sizes, so it is recommended that you purchase the next full size larger for comfort.

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  4. Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot

    The Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot is another 100% waterproof boot that also offers extra insulation with its 8mm removable Thermal Guard liner, which comes in handy in those warmer temperatures.  Your feet and lower legs are guaranteed to stay warm and dry in outdoor, extreme cold weather conditions.  The Kamik brand comes from a place where the harshest weather conditions occur, therefore, they are familiar with what is a necessity to produce one of the best rubber hunting boots available.  The adjustable waterproof nylon collar fits comfortably around calves, keeping the dampness out.  In addition, these boots feature a Kamik’s Explorer rubber outsole to provide that required traction to prevent slippage on slick terrains, such as mud and damp grass.  Plus, providing confidence that even though your boots will be standing in water, your feet will not.  These boots run slightly larger than the average boot, however, adding a thick pair of socks will provide additional warmth and cushioning.  Also, the Kamik Hunter Boot is known for being highly durable and built to last without much wear showing even after years of use.

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    • 4.4 Customer Rating
    • Under Armour UA Brow Tine 800 Boot - Men's
    • PRICE $$$
    • MADE OF : Synthetic
    • RESISTANT : 100% Waterproof
    • SOLE : Midsole
    • COLOR : REALTREE AP-XTRA/Fawn, Mossy Oak Treestand/Velocity/Timber
    • 4.5 Customer Rating
    • Irish Setter Men’s Trail Phantom WP 600 Gram
    • PRICE $$
    • MADE OF : Leather and Cordura
    • RESISTANT : Waterproof
    • SOLE : Rubber sole
    • COLOR : Realtree All Purpose Camouflage
    • 4.5 Customer Rating
    • Bogs Men's Classic High New Break Up Boot
    • PRICE $$
    • MADE OF : Rubber
    • RESISTANT : 100% Waterproof
    • SOLE : Rubber sole
    • COLOR : Mossy Oak

  5. Under Armour UA Brow Tine 800 Boot – Men’s

    Any hunting enthusiast would consider these boots to be a nice addition to their outdoor equipment.  As lightweight hunting boots, they are also highly durable, constructed of waterproof full grain leather, and a synthetic, abrasion resistant material for protection and support during those critical times when you require it the most.  Furthermore, your feet will remain comfortable, warm, and dry with the breathable, 800g Primaloft insulation combined with the Gore-Tex lining, which is also waterproof.  A contoured footbed is designed with memory foam, so you know your feet will fit in exact comfort every time you put them on. Equally important is the included EVA comfort cushion midsole for shock absorption.  An added bonus is the UA Scent control applied to the exterior of the boot, for longer lasting un-detection.  Plus, the camouflaging exterior available in RealTree AP-EXTRA/Fawn or the Mossy Oak Treestand/Velocity/Timber will keep you concealed and out of sight of your target.  The speed lacing technology allows you to adjust for a secure fit every time.  So, whether you’re hunting small game or large deer, these boots were built for the outdoors and everything nature has to offer.

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  6. Irish Setter Men’s Trail Phantom WP 600 Gram

    If big game is what you’re after, then the Irish Setter has a big game boot for you.  The Trail Phantom Big Game rugged, an outdoorsy boot is not only tough and durable but stylish as well and runs true to size.  Constructed out of 100 % waterproof, full-grain leather, Cordura, and features a Shadow Trek sole for a well-needed aggressive grip on rough surfaces and terrain.  The shaft itself measures 9” and offers full support where you need it.  In addition, this boot offers 600g of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation to keep your feet cozy in chilly conditions, even while remaining still, as well as moisture free with the specialized lining.  When it comes to cold weather hunting boots, the comfort level is not lacking with the padded tongue and collar, and an EVA midsole that absorbs shock.  Advertised in RealTree All Purpose Camouflage, this multi-weather, adjustable lace-up hunting boot will follow you out on the trail providing you extreme comfort and support every step of the way.

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  7. Bogs Men’s Classic High New Break Up Boot

    Bogs are one of the best waterproof boots available.  The Classic High New Break Up Boot is constructed out of rubber with a rubber sole and is 100% waterproof.  The Mossy Oak camouflage design allows a hunter to remain undetected in the wilderness, which is an important attribute when hunting.  Stay warm and dry with the Neoprene upper and removable moisture-wicking sock liner.  As one of the best-insulated hunting boots, they are able to withstand -40° F which means your feet will remain comfortably warm.  Standing in water is no issue with these boots, plus the odor guard will prevent them from smelling.  The non-slip rubber outsoles will keep you steady on your feet, and eliminate the possibility of slipping and soaking yourself in the wetness you were trying to avoid.  Although your boots can and will be subjected to the elements while hunting in the marshlands or wherever adventure leads, you can be assured that your feet will remain comfortable.  However, these rubber hunting boots aren’t as breathable as others and they tend to run smaller than average shoes; they still are ranked well in our top 7 hunting boots and are worth the money.

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Hunting Outfit

best hunting bootsAll right! You’ve got everything in terms of tactical equipment like air rifles or scopes etc. Hunting can be very uncomfortable if you don’t have the appropriate gear to help combat the elements such as unforgiving terrain, strenuous hikes, sitting for hours in silence, and of course the unexpected weather conditions.  Having hunting experience, the utmost important asset to have in hunting gear is a comfortable pair of boots that are built for the terrain, and a sturdy pair of heated socks to go with them.  Socks are equally important to the boots they fit in; they work in unison, cushioning and protecting your feet from injury, and from getting wet. If your feet aren’t comfortable, then you aren’t either.

Equally important is dressing for the occasion.  Be aware of your surroundings.  A good camouflage blends in with the trees, grasses and other natural elements of the area, which makes you, as the hunter, virtually invisible to your prey.  Layer your clothes, so you can stay warm when it’s cool and feel comfortable when it’s hot.

Waterproof gear is also essential to have.  Hunting is best in wet weather circumstances, so you want to make sure that even when you’re out in it, you remain dry and comfortable.  After all, you want to enjoy your experience instead of being miserable.

Tips You Should Know to Find the Best Hunting Boots!

There are so many choices in regards to hunting boots.  When finding the right ones, there are a few important questions you should ask yourself prior to purchasing. We have put together a list to make it easy to determine which boot is your perfect fit for the occasion.

Waterproof or not?

Are you going to be spending a lot of your time traipsing through standing water where your feet might be submerged for a time?  Or, perhaps the grass and brush are damp from the morning mist, and just maybe, you might be hunting during the wet weather season, where an occasional rain might be in the forecast. Hunting boots offer various levels of waterproof or water resistant materials to take into consideration.  In addition, there are different shaft heights as well, depending on the depth of water you might be standing in.  A taller boot will offer more protection for those that know they will be near or in water, unlike a shorter shaft is more suitable for wet, soggy grasses or a light rain.

Terrain Conditions

Another important factor to consider is whether or not you will be subjected to uneven, slippery terrain.  If so, you will want a boot that offers a substantial amount of traction to grip uneven surfaces, or angled climbs or declines.  If you will be walking up and down hills, you’ll also want a boot that doesn’t allow your foot to slip back and forth in the pocket.  This, in turn, could cause rubbing and irritation.  Also, a substantial shock absorbing sole would be an additional benefit for comfort.


Cold weather can affect your feet without the proper insulation.  There’s nothing more uncomfortable than not having a warm, cozy boot to regulate the temperature during below freezing conditions.  There are varying degrees of insulation that particular boots offer.  There is ultra-thin insulation for slightly cold temperatures or heavier, thick insulation such as fleece or neoprene.  Some insulation is removable, so you can comfortably wear your boots in warmer temperatures.  Breathable liners can also be incorporated in the boot to help eliminate sweat and control odor.


Some hunters prefer to wear boots that blend into their surroundings, therefore they like camouflage incorporated on the exterior of the boots.  As a hunter, you often prefer to remain unseen and undetected by what you are pursuing.  Some boots are constructed with a material that is unscented, so the trail remains pure without human scent.


Hunting boots have various levels of comfort features incorporated in their construction.  Additional features include padded tongues and collars, thicker insoles, lace up, zippers, and slip on.  A question you can ask yourself is: are you going to be wearing your boots for long periods of time and will you be hiking, standing, or sitting quietly in a tree stand?  Of course, you’ll also want to understand the condition of your feet.  Are you flat footed, have wide feet, have a medical condition such as plantar fasciitis?  These are choices to take into consideration when you are looking for the perfect fit.

Well-Known Hunting Boot Brands

The top 7 hunting boots have some distinct history and experience levels when it comes to manufacturing the top rated hunting boots.  Each is a well-known name brand with a valid and proven reputation.  In this section, we will discuss why these brands stand out above the rest.


Lowa established in 1923 in Jetzendorf, Germany.  In addition, they were the only outdoor boot manufacturer to be granted ISO 9001 (International Organization of Standards), which guarantees that their products are safe, reliable, and of good quality.  Furthermore, they have gained a global reputation for great fitting boots.  Another important quality of the Lowa brand is they have mastered the concept of making lightweight hunting boots that offer the same protection, durability, and support of heavier boots as well as incorporating softer polyurethane in their midsoles to offer more comfort and shock absorption.


For over 100 years, LaCrosse has been making quality hunting boots.  They specialize in vinyl and rubber waterproof hunting boots with various levels of insulation and safety features.  With outdoor adventures in mind, they accommodate every season, protecting your feet from the elements and hazardous conditions.  Equally important, their hunting boots are scent free, and quiet, making it easier to sneak up on your game without being detected.


MuckBoots, a U.S company began their adventure in making 100% waterproof footwear and boots in 2002.  Actually, they have become one of the fastest growing lines in waterproof footwear.  In just a few years, they quickly established more than 20 different styles of waterproof boots.  As a well-known name in quality, durability, and comfortable boots, they have made it on our top 7 hunting boot list.


In 1898, this Canadian established company has been designing hunting boots to accommodate severe, harsh conditions and building their boots around the elements of nature to make a hunting boot that can outlast the extremes they are being tested in.  To this day, the company is still family owned and operated.  70% of their products are either made in Canada or built in the USA, and they proudly carry that logo.  Their employees are all local and some have been with the company over 40 years.

Under Armour

The Under Armour brand began in America in 1996 but only started making footwear in 2006. Later, they established headquarters in other various parts of the world.   Their hunting boots are built with stealth which makes them light, quiet, and undetectable.  Known for being able to handle tough terrain and extremely cold temperatures, Under Armour has made themselves a popular name brand in hunting boots.  Their motto is “Go where you don’t belong”.

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter brand is a derivative of the popular Red Wing brand, an American made company.  This particular brand came into play in 1956, and established their logo based on the actual Irish Setter dog owned by the family and used for hunting, their tag line was “Finest in the Field”.  The Irish Setter brand also introduced Exo-Flex technology to their rubber boots and RPM technology that reduces the weight of the boot significantly.  They have gained themselves a great reputation in the area of hunting boots.


A brand that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee must be fairly positive in their product.  As one of the top brand hunting boots available in the market today, they have made a reputable name for themselves.  Having been established in the southern pacific in 2002 where the weather changes in a blink of an eye, Bogs hunting boots have followed suit and are manufactured accordingly.  They design comfortable hunting boots for uncomfortable conditions.  Weatherproof, waterproof, terrain proof, you name it and they have it.

Best Hunting Boots Comparison Chart

Lowa Men's Tibet GTX Trekking Boot$$$$100% NubuckVibram sole
LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly PRO 18 Realtree XTR Hunting Boot
$$RubberRubber sole
MuckBoots Men's Arctic Pro Hunting Boot$$$Synthetic and fabricManmade sole
Kamik Men's Hunter Boot$SyntheticSynthetic sole
Under Armour UA Brow Tine 800 Boot $$$SyntheticMidsole
Irish Setter Men’s Trail Phantom WP 600 Gram
$$Leather and CorduraRubber sole
Bogs Men's Classic High New Break Up Boot$$RubberRubber sole

Bottom Line

Now that you have seen our top 7 best hunting boots on the market today and what they have to offer, hopefully, we have given you some insight on what is available.  Our job is to provide an honest review of only the best brand names, ones that have established an excellent reputation through years of experience.  So, whether you’re in search of the work boots or the warmest hunting boots, you can be sure that we have done our research thoroughly to assist you with your purchase.

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