21 Popular and Affordable Cowgirl Boots

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Cowgirl boots come in many shapes and colors but it doesn’t matter if you are a real cowgirl or just a cowgirl at heart, they can always look great.

After many hours of research and comparison shopping, we present a selection of the most popular cowgirl boots for women from well-known brands that all:

  • Look great
  • Get lots of good reviews
  • Don’t break the bank ($215 or less)

We’ve sorted them by height (tall, medium, ankle), with a selection of the top cowgirl boots for each group.

What are cowgirl boots?

Western-style ladies in cowgirl boots.

Today’s cowboy boots (and cowgirl boots for women) have a long history dating back to the “Wild West” era in the United States.

They were originally intended to be sturdy and functional footwear for riding a horse and dealing with the hazards of cowboy life.

These days you will see them on both men and women as general-purpose footwear that you can dress up or down.

Cowboy boots have some core characteristics depending on the style.

The “classic” western cowboy boot we generally associate with real cowboys is:

  • Pull on (no laces)
  • High shaft that goes to at least mid-calf
  • Pointed toe that can be rounded or square
  • Angled, cowboy heal that is about 1 inch high
  • Made of leather

The newer “roper” style boot has these characteristics:

  • Usually pull on (but may have zippers or laces)
  • Medium shaft that stops between the ankle and calf
  • Square roper heal that is less than 1 inch high
  • Wider toe box

Ankle boots are more specific to women and have many of the same features as the taller options, but shorter. They:

  • Are ankle height
  • Often have side zippers
  • Have similar heal, toe, and design options as other western boots

The finish of cowgirl boots can range from polished and classy to distressed and subtle. Your style and how you plan to wear them will help you decide which color and finish to get.

How to wear cowgirl boots

Women can wear cowgirl boots with just about any outfit. They can make a bold statement, so wear them proudly!

For a casual look, wear cowgirl boots with jeans. Snug-fitting pants with a straight or tapered leg can be tucked into the boots. This is comfortable and shows off your pretty boots.

If you want to tone back the cowgirl look, wear them under wider pant legs, so just the bottoms peak out.

A long dress or skirt works well with cowgirl boots and offers many possibilities.

Shorts and cowgirl boots always make a great pair!

Here is some inspiration for popular ways to wear your cowgirl boots:

Cowgirl boot fit

Western style boots should fit snugly but not tight.

Since there are many different styles of boot, especially with the shape of the toe box, be sure that your toes are comfortable and can wiggle in the boot.

Many of the options we recommend come in half sizes and multiple widths, so be sure to find the right one for your foot shape.

It should take a little effort to get your foot all the way into your boots, but there shouldn’t be a struggle. A slight “pop” as your foot gets into position is normal.

A small amount (about 1/4 inch) of heal slippage is normal and ideal.

Be sure to wear the same socks (and orthotics) you would in any other shoe when trying them on.

If you find that your boots are too hard under your foot or that your feet and legs get tired or sore while wearing your boots, invest in a good pair of insoles, which will really help. Remember to go one size up if you plan to add insoles.

Tall cowgirl boots

Tall, Western-style cowboy boots are the classic look for both real cowboys and city slickers.

Ariat Heritage Western R Toe Boot

Ariat Heritage Western R Toe Boots

Ariat makes lots of popular cowboy boots and the Heritage Western R Toe is designed in the true Western style with an eight-row stitch pattern on the shaft. It’s available in several colors.

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Justin McKayla Boot

Justin McKayla Boots

The Justin McKayla looks and feels like an authentic cowboy boot with Classic western embroidery detail on the shaft.

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Durango RD4112 Boot

No products found.

The Durango RD4112 is a simple and stylish cowboy boot with distressed leather and a hand-stained outsole.

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Justin Durant Boot

Justin Durant Boots

The Justin Durant is a popular option with a good mix of classic looks and contrasting embossed design.

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Loredo Madison Boot

Loredo Madison Boots

The Loredo Madison stands out with classic good looks and an elegant stitching design over bold red leather.

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Roper Classic Cowgirl Boot

Roper Womens Lindsey Boot, Tan, 8.5

The Roper Classic Cowgirl features intricate stitching on a traditional Western boot.

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Old West Boots LF1529

Old West Boots LF1529 Tan Canyon 8.5 B (M)

The LF1529 from Old West Boots features a six-row stitching pattern and hand-corded medallion.

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Medium cowgirl boots

Medium height cowgirl boots come in the more traditional Western style or boxier roper style. Either way, you get great boots without them being too tall.

Ariat Heritage Roper Boot

Ariat Heritage Roper Boot

The Ariat Heritage Roper is the perfect riding boot for every cowgirl combining good looks with advanced features for comfort.

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Loredo Miss Kate Boot

Laredo Womens Miss Kate Snip Toe Dress Boots Mid Calf Mid Heel 2-3' - Brown - Size 8.5 B_W

The Loredo Miss Kate is available in multiple colors and is made of sanded leather with lots of bold contrast designs.

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Ariat Unbridled Roper

Ariat Unbridled Roper Boot

The Ariat Unbridled Roper combines style with comfort and a lot of integrated features.

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Dingo Olivia Boot

Dingo Women's Olivia Slouch Boot,Black,11 M US

The Dingo Olivia brings the bling with a concho strap around the ankle and metal accents that contrast the dark black leather.

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Ariat Fatbaby Boot

Ariat Fatbaby Boot

Available in multiple colors, the Ariat Fatbaby Sheila boot has contrasting stitch patterns and is a very popular women’s boot.

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Justin Inji Boot

Justin Inji Boots

The Justin Inji comes in multiple colors each with a deep scallop topline and intricate six-row Western stitching.

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Ankle cowgirl boots

Ankle cowgirl boots just cover the ankle and are great if you want the style and statement of a cowboy boot without any of the height.

Dingo Adobe Rose Boot

Dingo Women's Adobe Rose Boot,Brown,9 M US

The Dingo Adobe Rose comes in multiple colors with beautiful stitch detailing and a side zipper for easy entry.

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Dingo Willie Boot

Dingo Boots Women's Willie Western Boot, Antique Tan, 8.5 M US

The Dingo Willie comes in more than one color and shows off with understated piping and stitchwork.

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Corral Boots C1064

CORRAL Women's Lamb Abstract Boot Round Toe Chocolate 8.5 M US

The C1064 from Corral Boots is rugged and wild with a distressed lamb leather upper. A side zip closure makes them easy to get on and off.

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Roper Dusty Boot

ROPER Womens Dusty Distressed Snip Toe Casual Boots Ankle Low Heel 1-2' - Brown - Size 8 B

Available in multiple colors, the Roper Dusty looks distressed and broken-in.

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Ariat Darlin Boot

Ariat Darlin Boot

Available in several colors (including white), the Ariat Darlin is perfect for just about any occasion with Western-style stitching and a side zip closure.

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Corral Boots Q5021

Corral Boots Women's Comfortable Leather Cowgirl Western Cut-Out Shortie Booties Boots, Black/Yellow, 8.5

The Q5021 from Corral Boots makes a unique statement with cut-out details on the side panels, distressed leather, and dual side zipper closures.

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Corral Boots G1379

Corral Boots G1379

The G1379 from Corral Boots stand out with bold red leather, a distressed finish, and both printed and perforated accents. Side zipper closure for easy on and off.

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Time to wrangle up your new cowgirl boots

There are a lot of great women’s cowboy boot options listed here and most of them come in more colors.

Both Amazon and Zappos offer free shipping and returns, so don’t be afraid to try them on at home and send them back if they don’t fit. With Amazon Prime Wardrobe, you can even try them before you buy, so you don’t have to waste time driving around for the right boots and size.

Pick a pair you like and click through one of the links to find out more.

You should be out looking good in a new pair of cowgirl boots!