6 Best Summer Work Boots [Reviews & Complete Buying Guide 2018]

When time and weather changes, our clothes also see a new place in the wardrobe section from woolen to cotton. But when it comes to shoes, there are very fewer options left to pick and drop from breathable shoes or boots. In summers, the temperature reaches the maximum degrees and people face all kinds of challenges and difficulties while working for long hours. The problem of sweat and fatigue hits the people in just no time or even after doing mental or physical exertions. By trying hard enough to keep the body hydrated, the level of precipitation and sweating also increases; as a result of which the sweat comes in the feet. This worsens the situation even more where people do require the best summer work boots. It is an undeniable fact that it is easier to buy work boots for the winter season, but do you have any idea about the summer ones that are on trend and of course are a basic necessity at your work too? Well, this article is a must read as ‘prevention is better than cure’ in everyday life, no matter what season it is and where you are.

Top Summer Work Boots

  • 3.6 Customer Rating
  • Timberland PRO Men's Expertise Hiker Steel-Toe Work Boot
  • PRICE $
  • MADE OF : Leather and fabric
  • RESISTANT : Slip and oil-resistant
  • SOLE : Rubber sole
  • COLOR : Brown
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Timberland PRO Men's Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot
  • PRICE $$$$
  • MADE OF : Leather
  • RESISTANT : Oil- and slip-resistant
  • SOLE : Rubber sole
  • COLOR : Dark Mocha
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Thorogood Men's 6" Moc Toe Boot
  • PRICE $$$$
  • MADE OF : Leather
  • RESISTANT : Slip- and oil-resistant
  • SOLE : Synthetic sole
  • COLOR : Tobacco
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • KEEN Utility Men's Flint Mid Work Boot
  • PRICE $$$
  • MADE OF : Leather
  • RESISTANT : Oil- and slip-resistance
  • SOLE : Rubber sole
  • COLOR : Slate Black/Burnt Henna
  • 3.3 Customer Rating
  • Maelstrom Men's PATROL Waterproof Comp Toe
  • PRICE $$
  • MADE OF : Leather and Fabric
  • RESISTANT : Slip, oil-resistant
  • SOLE : Rubber sole
  • COLOR : Black
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Dickies Men's Escape Hiker
  • PRICE $$
  • MADE OF : Suede leather work boot with breathable mesh , Synthetic
  • RESISTANT : Slip, oil-resistant
  • SOLE : Rubber sole
  • COLOR : Brown

1 – Timberland PRO Men’s Expertise Hiker Steel-Toe Work Boot

These series are exclusively made for the working professionals who desire to have extra comfort, durability and protection when they are at work. The work boots of this brand are crafted, keeping in mind the worksite demands and challenges that workers have to face.


  • Made from leather and fabric
  • Spacious steel toe box
  • Repels water from its outer surface

     To be honest:

  • The comfort level of the Timberland Pro Expertise Hiker is much more than other work boots and this pair can be worn from trail to job site without feeling the sweat in the feet.
  • The steel toe safety box is for the protection of the wearer, who has to do continuous activities at work site. This area of the shoe is spacious enough, letting you do all the activities, trails and jobs at the site comfortably.
  • The Ever-Guard leather built boots are resistant to dampness, sweat, heat, and abrasion. These boots provide extra support, excellent cushioning and electrical hazard protection too.
  • The sturdy lace-up adds great looks to these hot weather work boots, making you stand out even at your workplace.

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2 – Timberland PRO Men’s Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot

The Pro series have unbeatable safety features that meet industry standards and promise to provide the maximum comfort. This is the most comfortable work boot for wearing to the workstations and construction sites, where you constantly have to be in water or near it.


  • Toe with TiTAN alloy safety design
  • Made of leather and rubber outsole
  • Oil- and slip- resistant
  • Waterproof

      Frankly speaking:

  • The name itself suggests that summer work boots even come with a waterproof membrane that does not allow water to enter inside. It’s full bootie construction and it keeps the feet cool and dry whereas the soles are oil, abrasion, and slip resistant.
  • The safety toe is made of TiTAN alloy, which offers all the protection measures that are offered by steel. The striking features of these work boots are lightweight and durable enough to go distances.
  • The Timberland Pro series is built to last and for work. Its lace-up feature adds a grace to your personality as well as makes it easy to wear when you are on the go.
  • It is accented with the polyurethane midsole that makes these work boots durable with added cushioning too.

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3 – Thorogood Men’s 6″ Moc Toe Boot

The Thorogood boots are crafted from supreme craftsmanship and expertise. The insole is removable of these boots, letting you keep the feet cool and dry. Choose this pair to work comfortably in any type of weather from sunny to humid.


  • Ankle-length work boots
  • Synthetic sole
  • Oil-resistant outsole
  • Moccasin toe and cushioned wedge sole

     Coming down to reality:

  • The work boots made in the USA hold greater acceptance value for some people, as such high boots are nice and breathable. A long day in the sun will not affect your work because these boots do not allow any break in period.
  • There is the presence of both shock absorbent sole and an additional insert that is highly comfortable for the wearer and even provide support to the feet for long hours at work.
  • The phenomenal rugged metal eyelet, clamshell lacing, and Goodyear Storm-welt construction add uniqueness to these work boots. These are well cushioned and are not clunky like the hiking boots.
  • The fit is amazing, quality is superb and the affordable price makes it a must-have ones.

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4 – KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Mid Work Boot

With the KEEN’s work boots, you are ready to impress your coworkers with a dash of sophistication as well as high comfort level, which only the wearer can feel the whole day. Its design adds an edge to style while the breathable mesh lining keeps your feet cool.


  • Leather made
  • Rubber sole
  • Breathable membrane
  • Mesh padded collar and tongue
  • Low cut boots
  • Comfortable and durable

      Coming down to real life:

  • The metatomical footbed fulfills the wish to have maximum support and comfort while working under the sun.
  • The low cut protects the ankle, allowing you to get involved in all the activities at work.
  • These work boots are made from leather with four vented slots on each side of the boot for maximum breathability and a non-slip, non-marking outer sole.
  • The removable comfort insole, padded collar, and tongue come along with the lace tie up to enhance the stylish outlook. This allows a high level of weightlessness without sacrificing protection.
  • These work boots are perfect for accompanying to work due to its innovative style and maximum level of comfort that these provide.

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5 – Maelstrom Men’s PATROL Waterproof Comp Toe

The trend of wearing stylish shoes is high throughout the year but the work boots need to be chosen with adequate knowledge. The added zipper makes this pair stand out in the whole collection even if the temperatures are surging around.


  • Composite toe
  • Rubber sole to resist oil and slip
  • Made from leather and fabric
  • Waterproof
  • Zipper for easy on/off

      Things you must know:

  • These boots are made from a blend of leather and nylon that can be easily polished. The Dri-Lex breathable waterproof membrane helps in keeping the feet cool and dry when you are on-the-job.
  • The rubber made outsole is oil and slip resistant, protecting you from all the hurdles at work.
  • The removable high-performance shock absorbent cushioned insole is present that increases both security and comfort.
  • The composite shank makes this pair lightweight, stable, supportive and durable while the zipper on the side can be easily used for keeping the boots on and off.
  • However, these particular boots run a size and half smaller than other ones so buy a bigger size than normal unlike in rest of the cases.

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6 – Dickies Men’s Escape Hiker

The Dickies Escape gives an opportunity to stay comfortable on draining, long and tiring days by escaping out the old conventional boots for work. Feel protected, cushioned and high on sophistication and slide into the steel toe work boots with ease.


  • Rubber sole
  • Steel toed and lightweight
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Made from suede leather
  • EVA cushioned insole
  • Anti-moisture technology

    Things to remember:

  • Such pocket-friendly boots have excellent features to impress the crowd and the teammates. These boots are not only lightweight but also protective.
  • The leather skin is durable, breathable and comfortable, having a mesh padded collar and tongue. These necessary features set the foundation for the work boots.
  • The EVA cushioned insole keeps the moisture away from the feet, making them cool and dry them all day long. The anti-moisture technology makes it worth investing in these work boots.
  • The outer rubber soles are slip and oil resistant, letting you do all the activities with confidence and without any fear of falling or slipping.
  • However, the narrow toe box confines the toe, but if you do not have a problem with its confined space then it is a must buy option for you.

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Relevant and Must Known Features Before You Buy Hot Weather Work Boots

best summer work boots

Certain jobs are for long hours or involve a higher number of activities requiring movement in comparison to sedentary jobs. In summers, the quality, design, construction, durability, and comfort of the work boots should not be understated for many reasons. The pair that can protect your toe with a cap constructed well and can lend your feet proper dryness needs to be chosen for the peak summer seasons. Such work boots not only help you with these factors, but they also protect you from slipping, electrical shocks and water. So, to help you buy the most comfortable and desired work boots, you must take a look at the following features to gain more information about the same.

  1. Safety toes

When the work boots are constructed with the safety toe, then it protects the toe from pressure, weight, and impact. Even while working at various firms or places, you can prevent injuries by choosing among steel, composite and aluminum toe boots. Firstly, the steel-toed boots are heavy and conventional in style whereas the composite toes are made from plastic or fiber material. These are non-metallic and can be worn through metal detectors. In contrast, aluminum toes are lighter than the steel toes.

composite safety toes test

steel toes test

  1. Oil and slip resistant sole

At work, you come across different types of surfaces and fluids but such situations can be tackled by wearing the appropriate work boots that are both oil and slip resistant. The well-made boots will also resist from getting punctured by a nail so depending on the type of work that you do, buy the most appropriate sole.

  1. Construction

The most commonly used material in the construction of work boots is either leather or synthetic welt. This is attached in between upper and lower sole, making them highly durable and rugged. However, there are boots with a mold attached to the upper part filled with rubber, which hardens the sole. Such work boots become lightweight, comfortable and shock absorbents too.

The ones made from cement are the cheapest and lightest to choose out of all. These are known for their high comfort level and flexibility. So for making a wise decision, you must choose the one that meets your requirements at work or performing other tasks.

  1. Waterproof bootswaterproof work boots

When it comes to working or living in moist environment or regions where rainfall occurs often, it becomes
a necessity to wear waterproof work boots. Even during peak summer season, these boots are preferred to work away sweat from feet. The waterproof work boots do not show options in colors but are mandatory to have in the closet to keep the feet dry and cool.

  1. Insulation

This is a bad feature for work boots as more the insulation, more uncomfortable the boots will become. Insulation is used as a great feature while constructing the winter work boots in order to keep the feet warm unlike to what is required for the summer season.

  1. Weight

Often, people do not think of the weight of work boots while purchasing them rather look for various other features like comfort, lacing system, zipper, insole, outsole, color and much more. It must be known to you that heavy work boots are not comfortable for covering long distances or when you have tiring shifts at work. Lightweight and durable ones are most suitable to run, walk and perform all the activities.

  1. Durability

It is to be taken into consideration that how much a work boot is durable. This safety gear’s durability can be checked by knowing about it from people who have bought the same pair or by checking the features online with the help of reviews too.

  1. Break in period

Do not rush to buy the work boots as it is quite necessary to choose that pair which makes you feel comfortable and in that case the boots need to fit you tightly, meeting the desired purpose. Also, if you are looking for work boots that you can start wearing immediately, keep an eye out for the break-in period.

However, besides all the factors that are mentioned above for buying summer work boots confidently and wisely, there also lies one more important factor of brand names. Generally, the temperatures even exceed 50 degrees in some parts of the world where it is must to rely on branded products in case of work boots, unlike other products. Some names like Red Wing, Dickies Escape, Thorogood, KEEN, Wolverine and Timberland Pro Series provide the best-constructed work boots to feel at ease even during tough conditions.

Prevention is Better Than Cure When it Come to Your Feet

best summer work boots

Often, nobody wishes to wear shoes, boots, sneakers, and socks as the weather starts getting warmer. The excruciating heat and uncomfortable sweat call for itching, irritation, toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, blisters and other problems too. During the warm months, it becomes even more vital to take care of that part of the body, which is exposed to all kinds of weather conditions and inconsistencies like water, mud, and dirt. It is impossible to avoid facing the weather conditions and staying at home the whole day long, and the hardships are faced when you step out. While working outdoors, in the rainy season and hot summers, there are certain problems that you may face with your feet and some are mentioned below with proper guidance and preventive measures to help you keep your feet cool and dry.

  1. Problem of blisters

Due to hot weather conditions, there is a high possibility of having blisters by continuous rubbing of footwear or flip-flops. You can avoid facing this issue by wearing comfortable footwear that fits your size well and does not rub against your skin. Another preventive measure is to try giving your feet rest whenever you are at home.

  1. Elongated toenails

One of the good manners that everyone learns at school is trimming the nails. It is important to cut the nails, but without making them too short or pointed at the corners. This will help you avoid any unwanted pains when you are wearing your work boots.

  1. Hard or cracked skin

The problem of cracks in the heel area is not only faced in winter; but also is seen in the summer season when already the people sweat out. Indeed, the ones who wear open sandals or flip-flops develop hard skin, which becomes painful too. It is recommended by the doctors to wash the feet properly and then moisturize them to keep them soft and shiny.

  1. Damped feet

Monsoon and wet socks, both play equal roles in keeping the feet damp most of the time. Even when your shoes are wet, it is advisable not to wear them until they are dried because it leads to skin infection or fungus in the feet. Thus it is highly advisable to change your socks and footwear, if possible on a daily basis.

  1. Fungus infection

While working in hot and humid weather, there are high chances that water or rainfall enters into your shoes, making your feet wet and damp. This problem leads to infection near the toe area causing pain and blisters too. Therefore, it is advised by the doctors to wear waterproof work boots if you constantly have to work on shifts in all types of weather. These leather made water repellent boots will wick away the moisture, keeping your feet dry and healthy.

  1. Get rid of flip-flops

When the temperature rises, it becomes a natural tendency to look for lightweight footwear like flip-flops or sandals in the hot weather. However, you should not forget that these pairs of footwear do not provide any support to the feet when you have to walk for long distances, leading to pain and rashes on the skin. It is, therefore, advisable to wear proper shoes with socks to prevent any arch or heel pain while working or walking for long.

  1. Prevent sweat

There are many people who face the problem of sweat during summers. With an increase of the mercury level, the hotness increases in the environment and so your foot perspires too often. It is in this case that it becomes important to follow a proper foot care regime. You should wash your feet daily with warm water by using an antibacterial or mild soap. After this, they need to be wiped thoroughly and some talcum powder must be applied to keep them cool and dry.

  1. Athlete’s foot

Problems always arise when there is a change in the weather condition. Likewise, one common foot ailment during monsoon months is the athlete’s foot. It is a combination of bacterial and fungal infection, and it starts from the toe and reaches to other parts of the foot gradually. People who keep their feet wet for long hours due to strict working conditions are more susceptible to this foot disease. This disease results in discoloration of the affected portion and in most cases, the foot turns greenish or whitish with constant itchiness. One preventive measure, in this case, is to wear proper waterproof boots for keeping the feet free of moisture.

Now it is quite easy to understand that how important it is to maintain regular hygienic routine like cutting nails, washing feet or wearing proper footwear. It is true that some problems become too hard to cure like fungus infections so it is highly advisable to seek the opinion of an experienced podiatrist. Likewise, work boots help the workers prevent all such kind of problems, conditioned that they wash their feet properly after removing the boots.

Time to Gain More Information about the Best Summer Work Boots

best summer work boots

It is irrefutable that people working for long hours in the scorching heat of sun do not need to take care of their feet. It must be known that feet are the most important part of our body that requires great care and differently in every season. This leads towards a fact the hot weather boots are an important purchase in the summer season when temperatures rise swiftly. You should always buy the best boots to avoid irritation, infection, and wick away moisture from the feet. Go through the list of most frequently asked questions about work boots and shoes. These answers will help you while purchasing the boots and much more about safety toes, outsole, socks and the right style.

1. Why is a steel toe required?

A steel toe is a cap of steel that is fitted into the toe box so as to provide protection for the toes and feet of the wearer. The steel toe is constructed, keeping in mind the safety requirements for protection against impact and compression caused by heavy objects.

2. What is a composite toe?

The composite toe is a non-metallic and non-magnetic safety toe cap. It is lighter in weight than a steel toe cap. This toe cap meets the ANSI/ASTM safety requirements as a steel toe.

3. What type of work is a composite toe boot best suited for?

A composite toe boot is best suited for walking long distances or for passing metal detectors. The ones who work as nuclear workers require composite toe work boots.

4. Are cotton socks best to wear in hot weather conditions?

No, cotton socks are not recommended to wear in the summer season, unlike cotton clothes that keep your body cool. The reason is that cotton absorbs the moisture and thus, your feet will remain wet once the sweat is absorbed.

5. What kinds of socks are best to wear in the summer?

Any kind of sock that wicks away moisture can be worn in the summer. The synthetic fiber keeps the moisture away from the feet and helps in keeping them dry. Merino wool is also considered for feet to wick away the moisture content.

6. How can I find the proper boots as per my requirements?

To find the best boots, you must know the purpose of buying whether you need them for work or recreation. The second important thing which needs to be considered is temperature. There are different work boots for summer and winter. By examining this set of conditions, you will be able to buy the desired pair.

7. What is the strongest outsole construction?

When the leather upper is attached to the cement outsole, it becomes the best outsole work boot. With the help of these boots, you can plan any activity from smooth to fast and aggressive activities.

8. What are the different heights of work boots?

The height of work boots ranges from 5 inches to 12 inches. The most common height for boots is about 6 inch to 8 inches that is accented with a lace-up system.

9. Between boots with lacing system and without lacing system, which one should be preferred?

The work boots that have lace-up have high strength and are considered to be the best for the wearer.

10. What are the ways to clean the boots?

A cloth must be used to wipe off the dust and dirt from the boots. After every wearing, they must be properly dried if wet. The leather boots require conditioning, polishing and cleaning at regular intervals of time so as to maintain the original look and feel.

  • Does a steel shank make safety boots puncture resistant?

A steel shank does not make a boot puncture resistant.

  • What is the purpose of a steel shank?

A steel shank is used in the area under the arch of the foot. The shank gives stability to the middle portion of the footwear.

  • Do all footwear companies test safety footwear to the same standards?

The footwear and the work boots that are worn in the United States, they are tested to ASTM test method F2412-11. It is important that these boots pass the performance requirements of F2413-11 for safety toe and F2892-11 for the soft toe. Other countries have different standard requirements and test methods.

  • From where can work boots for summer be bought?

There are several online and offline stores that sell work boots. You can choose from a variety of branded boots according to your requirements.

These questions and answers have been chosen to increase your knowledge in terms of work boots for the summer season. Hope these answers work for you while you are on-the-go to buy some new pairs of work boots to fight the summer’s heat and sun rays.

Best Summer Work Boots Comparison Chart

Timberland PRO Men's Expertise Hiker Steel-Toe Work Boot
$Leather and fabricSlip and oil-resistantRubber soleBrown
Timberland PRO Men's Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot
$$$$LeatherSlip and oil-resistantRubber soleDark Mocha
Thorogood Men's 6" Moc Toe Boot
$$$$LeatherSlip and oil-resistantSynthetic soleTobacco
KEEN Utility Men's Flint Mid Work Boot
$$$LeatherSlip and oil-resistantRubber soleSlate Black/Burnt Henna
Maelstrom Men's PATROL Waterproof Comp Toe
$$Leather and fabricSlip and oil-resistantRubber soleBlack
Dickies Men's Escape Hiker
$$Suede leather work boot with breathable mesh , SyntheticSlip, oil-resistantRubber soleBrown

The Must-have Boots in the Wardrobe Collection – Buy Now!

It does not take much time to fall sick when the proper work boots are not worn during the summer season. The level of temperature rises to such an extent that the problem of sweat increases. However, if preventive measures are kept in mind, then you can keep your feet cool, dry and far away from moisture. While working the whole day out under the sun, there is no need to worry if you have the best summer work boots with you. The whole design process of the footwear is made by taking into consideration the handling of high temperatures. Choosing the breathable pair of boots made from the high-quality material can attain the extra comfort under hot temperatures. Starting with the removable cushion insert that generates comfort in any workplace and ending with the padded collar and the shock absorbent midsole, all work boots have different merits to keep your feet protected, cool and dry. Such technology features of these work boots help you stay comfortable the whole day. Go for trekking, smooth activities, recreational tasks and fast-moving activities by staying in your own comfort zone. And, do not forget that these boots will make your coworkers go green with envy.

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