How to Keep My Feet from Sweating in Boots?

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Sweaty feet is one of the biggest problems police officers, soldiers, hunters, and people who work all day have with their boots. Not only is it uncomfortable, but heat and sweat creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, which can cause itching, peeling, cracking, odor, and pain.

The tips below will help you to keep your feet from sweating in your boots as long as you do not have a medical condition like hyperhidrosis.

#1 – Choose The Right Boots

If you work in a high-temperature environment and there is very little chance that you will encounter puddles or other water sources, you should forego the waterproof boots and instead choose warm weather options such as military boots, summer boots, or a lightweight general purpose boot.  Any of these options are more breathable and lightweight, so they will keep your feet much cooler than their heavier waterproof or insulated counterparts.

#2 – Wear Absorbent Socks

If your feet continue to sweat, even after switching to a lightweight, breathable boot, then make sure you invest in some quality, absorbent socks.  Cotton is a popular material but is not the best choice for hot feet!  The goal is to wick the moisture away from your feet to help prevent athlete’s foot, odor, and blisters.  Better materials include merino wool, polyester, Coolmax, Olefin, and DryMax or a combination of these. Even though your socks may end up damp at the end of the day, your feet should remain dry and comfortable.

There is also no reason why you can’t bring extra socks and change them as needed throughout the day when you need a dry pair.

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#3 – Try Cooling Foot Powder

If you have only mild to moderate foot sweat, you might want to consider using a top-rated foot powder. These come in many formulations, and some even provide cooling relief on contact. Apply the powder directly to your feet before putting on your socks, and sprinkle some inside your each day before putting them on. The powder will absorb extra moisture.

#4 – Use an Antiperspirant

Another thing you can try involves using a spray-on powder antiperspirant on your feet each day before you lace up your work boots. Hold the can about six inches from your foot, spread your toes, and spray on a light, even coat. This may help reduce the amount of sweat your feet produce, but it does not work for everyone. Stick, gel, and roll-on antiperspirants are not as effective on feet as spray powders.

#5 – Let Your Feet Breathe

Finally, if you are in a situation that allows it, just take your boots and socks off on your breaks and let your feet breathe!  Taking the time to dry them out and cool them off two or three times per day can go a long way to maintaining your comfort, keeping itchy athlete’s foot at bay, and even preventing the odor.


Palmoplantar hyperhidrosis is the medical condition of excessive sweat from the soles of the feet.  Here are some of the more involved medical solutions to this problem, which could be suggested by your doctor.


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