Danner Men’s Super Rain Forest Boot Review

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These 11500 Danner Men’s Super Rain Forest Work Boots are on our list as one of the top work boots on the market today, hence the reason for providing you extra information on the available features of these boots to assist you in making an educated decision on whether or not they are the perfect boot for you and your needs.

In general, this particular style of work boots have been used by firefighters, forestry employees, along with many outdoor occupations as they are equipped for the outdoors along with the weather and conditions associated with it.

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These boots are equipped with a Gore-Tex liner that is 100% waterproof and breathable.  They are designed to keep your feet dry in wet and muddy conditions.  Check out our reviews for the best waterproof work boots.


Though not considered a safety toe work boot, they are constructed with features designed to keep your feet protected, such as electrical shock resistant sole and heel that meets or exceeds ASTM F2892-11 EH standards.  In addition, extra thick leather covers the toe portion and the top of the boot for added protection.  The full-grain leather is the toughest available and it is also chemical resistant.  Slip-resistant outsoles provide traction on various surfaces including unsteady ground. If you need a steel toe, click here.


The double thick leather provides the necessary durability required for tough working conditions, plus they are engineered with triple stitching with hyper-strong thread to prevent unraveling.  Furthermore, the soles can withstand being subjected to sharp, jagged terrain without damage.


They require a break in period until they soften enough to feel comfortable.  Size can run small with this style, so we suggest a half to a whole size larger depending on the type of socks used.  The laces are very durable; however, they look like cheap laces that shouldn’t be incorporated with this stylish work boot.  In addition, they do tend to slip on ice surfaces, even with the advanced traction, the aggressive grip is mostly associated with the type of surfaces the outdoors present, such as dirt, mud, rocks, and logs.


The Danner Super Rain Forest work boot was engineered for many uses, particularly outdoor work environments.  Most common occupations that these boots would be beneficial for include logging, linemen, wildland firefighting, and forestry.  We would not recommend them for highly hazardous work sites that require safety toes, or where there is a lot of snow and ice.


These are not safety toe boots, but they do provide an additional layer of leather on the toe pocket and top of the foot for protection.  The toe can withstand some amount of impact, and the leather is very durable and protects against sharp objects and slicing.


After the initial break-in period, which is about a week, these boots conform to your feet and provide adequate room for your toes so they don’t feel cramped.  Plus, the Gore-Tex liner breathes allowing your feet to stay dry and comfortable.  They are, however, heavier than a lot of other work boots, but generally, they are easily adjusted to.  A fiberglass shaft provides comfortable support where you need it most. Click to find out how to keep your feet from sweating!


The work boot upper and shaft are constructed out of tough full grain leather that is chemical resistant and the lining is Cambrelle nylon.  A polyurethane midsole is matched up with a Vibram rubber outsole and a special lug design for adequate traction.

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