Irish Setter Men’s Work Boot Review

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The Irish Setter Men’s Work Boot is listed as one of the top work boots available on the market for a reason. Now, we will further elaborate certain specifics of these work boots that landed them this spot on our top 15 work boots.

Irish Setter as you know is a derivative of the popular Red Wing brand, they are known for their superior craftsmanship that incorporates durability and comfort in their line of work boots.

This particular style is designed to provide ample cushioning for walking and standing on concrete, tile, rocky surfaces, and even unsteady terrain which would be ideal for a contractor or warehouse worker.  In addition, the stylish appeal these boots provide make them a nice choice for the office or important meetings as well.

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Of course, it only seems appropriate to provide you a little bit of background information on the Irish Setter brand.  The company itself has been in the business of manufacturing Irish Setter boots since the 1950’s and have continuously improved their line by incorporating advanced technology features in their construction.  As a highly reputable company, their desire was to create boots that were durable, long lasting, and comfortable which we believe they have.  Whether you’re a hunter, a hiker, or a hard worker, Irish setter has styles to match any of those needs.  The Irish Setter Men’s Work Boot that we are featuring has a lot of the characteristics that are required in today’s work boots.


These boots are constructed with red russet truly-tough leather upper and a mock toe with triple stitching.  A rubber extra thick wedge sole is equipped with ample traction that provides an aggressive grip to various surfaces.  These are lace up boots with durable metal eyelets and the removable polyurethane footbed for comfort is removable.


These Irish Setter work boots require very minimal break in, and are comfortable right out of the box.  After wearing for a day, the leather softens up nicely.  In addition, the EVA midsole and the removable footbed provide adequate cushioning for long-wearing comfort.  Also, a padded collar and tongue provide cushioning around the ankle and prevents rubbing.


These are a soft toe work boot but they do meet ASTM F2892-11, Electrical Hazard safety standards, which mean they are safe to wear in working conditions where electrical components or the possibility of shock exists.  They are not equipped to handle compression or impact like traditional steel toe work boots.


These specific work boots have several uses, whether it be in the office, factory, or on a job site surveying.  There designed to provide that needed comfort to someone who is on their feet for long durations.  They are not recommended for those in construction, outdoor labor, or heavy machinery, as they do not have those needed protective features incorporated into the design.


These are well-constructed work boots with durable leather and mock toe with triple stitching.  The wedge sole is extra thick and has undeniable traction.  However, they are not waterproof, and in order to sustain the leather, it’s recommended that they are treated with a water resistant application.  We believe they will also last longer for those who aren’t subjected to harsh weather conditions.


These boots are lacking support in the ankle area, but as we mentioned they aren’t constructed for hard labor that requires more support and protection.  There is additional room in the boot, which is great for those with wider feet, however, if not they have a tendency to rub on certain areas of the foot, specifically between the heel and ankle.  We would suggest thicker socks to alleviate this issue. Check insoles reviews for further information.


These boots are not waterproof; therefore we would suggest applying a water resistant application prior to wearing them in wet weather. Check out our best water proof work boots reviews or if you are comfortable with these boots, have a look at how to waterproof them by yourself.

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